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Irving Singer founded Merchants with the goal of starting a used automotive dealership in Southern New Hampshire. Impressed with the service he received from Merchants Bank, Irving borrowed not only cash but the bank’s name, too, and in 1962 “Merchants Motors” opened with 50 used cars and a philosophy based on customer service and philanthropy.

From the beginning, Mr. Singer realized he was offering much more than just cars for sale, he was also offering automotive services and rentals, which led Merchants into the fleet leasing business in 1967. When Irving Singer retired, his sons Stephen, Robert, Alan, Jeffrey, Gary, and son-in-law Michael Sydney took over the business and continued to grow it based on their father’s full-service philosophy.

Over the years Merchants has steadily grown from a regional company to a national fleet leasing and fleet management company with commercial, government, and nonprofit customers in all 50 states.

The two things that set Merchants apart from other businesses is our willingness to put our clients first and to entertain business options that others are unwilling or unable to consider. In 2004, a professional management team was hired to add depth to Merchants’ executive office. Today, the Singer family remains intimately involved in the day-to-day business, providing expertise in all areas of fleet leasing and fleet management, from defining leasing terms to making recommendations on vehicle selection and finding creative financing solutions for each of our current and prospective clients.

All of us at Merchants are proud of the fact that we’ve taken fleet management to a new level. Our full-service approach to leasing and our willingness to take on unique challenges gives us an edge. We push ourselves to be the best that we can be, in and out of the office, and always try to go further for our customers, our community, and ourselves.


"You taught me how to do community service."- a Singer family colleague.

We pursue service to the community in the same spirit we pursue service to our customers: we want to be the best. And money plays a relatively small part. Most of the contributions you'll see here come from donations of time and effort.

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