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Manage violations easily and maximize cost savings.

Merchants Fleet Management Violations Management is an electronic violation processing solution that helps you maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.  With Violations Management you will save up to 80% over current violation processing and payment methods.

Unique Benefits for Your Fleet

  • Eliminates the administrative burden of processing violations internally
  • Reduces risk of violation penalties by ensuring that violations are processed immediately
  • Increases visibility into a fleet’s violation activity with a robust reporting package
  • Holds drivers accountable for their behavior by transferring legal responsibility for violations to the drivers who incur them
  • Pays fleet violations directly to the issuers when transferring liability is not possible
  • Secures reimbursement for non-transferred violations directly from the driver
  • Improve driver satisfaction by enabling drivers to retain due process


Merchants Fleet Management is a trusted partner you can count on.  Violations Management is connected with more than 4,000 issuing authorities throughout North America.  This reach enables Merchants to effectively process violations incurred in North America and Canada.  


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