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Cut costs.  Not corners.

What’s the difference between a brand-new vehicle and a low-mileage one that’s a year old? Not as much as you might think. That’s why our Value Fleet Leasing Program offers high-quality, high-performance vehicles that can yield significant savings every month. Value leasing is not for everyone, but it can be a useful option to save you money.

All cars, trucks and vans are protected by the original manufacturer’s warranty, PLUS our nationwide maintenance plan is available for additional support, so you’ll always drive with confidence, and always for less. No other leasing company comes close.

The Value Fleet Leasing Program may be the right solution for your corporate fleet. Our experts can help determine whether a used car lease can both fulfill your specific needs, including makes and models, plus help save you money. However, value leasing is not the only way we can save you money. We’re experts at finding ways to make leasing as affordable as possible in every way.

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