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basketballwebsiteWe have worked with various colleges and universities to provide custom leasing programs, for terms as little as two months and up to several years.

We can design programs that also include short-term auto leasesactivity bus leasing options and multi-passenger vehicle leases to accommodate your needs. Activity bus m/fleet-leasing-pro es are an excellent option, as they can transport up to 15 passengers and do not require special licensing, plus we can provide driver safety training for your staff. You can choose from our large selection of vehicles that meet the highest safety standards. Associations that we are affiliated with include the ECAC, NACDA and MHEC.

Here are some examples of challenges that we have provided unique and reliable vehicle solutions for other educational institutions:

  • FootballADStudent transportation
  • Athletic team travel, recreation and club sports
  • Admissions recruiting
  • Research projects
  • Student Activities and Student Government
  • Spring break community outreach programs

We regularly conduct fleet analyses and can customize your lease program and add any services that will help maintain and insure your vehicles, as well as provide online access to make vehicle reservations easier with swipe card security options. We also provide unique programs for truck and passenger van rentals, and can incorporate these options to your short-term vehicle solution.

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