Closed-End Lease

An outstanding one-stop fleet budgeting solution.

Some call them closed end leases; others walk-away or fixed-price leases. We find it an excellent option for fleets looking to maximizing cost controls while minimizing risks. With Merchants closed end lease you will always know what’s coming.

Our closed end lease eliminates price volatility in the marketplace with predictable expenses and cash flows for the term of the lease. There’s no need to worry about rate fluctuations or seasonal resale influences.

Especially when bundled with our Full Maintenance, Fuel and Insurance products, closed end leasing can become a one-stop answer for all your fleet expenses.


  • All you do is walk away with Merchants custom cost effective closed end lease product


  • Fixed interest rates with no payment variations
  • Specified lease terms that keep your fleet committed to low operating costs
  • End of term walk away terms with no residual risk
  • Potential lowest cost option depending on market resale conditions of your car or truck

Plus, when you add our extensive fleet management services, you have the most rock-solid fleet program anywhere—on and off the road.

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