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No matter the industry, company size, or organization’s fleet leasing and management needs, Merchants has over 50 years of experience delivering customer-focused solutions.

We’re industry experts when it comes to helping our clients determine exactly what they need in a fleet management or fleet leasing program, and just as importantly, what they don’t. We’ll work with you to customize the financing terms for your fleet and provide you with other fleet management services as part of one simple package. There are many fleet leasing options available and we’ll help you find the one that best achieves your financial objectives.

Your leasing terms are a critical consideration when building and managing a fleet. At Merchants, you can choose between an open-end lease and a highly flexible closed-end lease. Both our open-end and closed-end leases can be structured to eliminate price volatility in the marketplace, so not only do you know your costs from month to month, but for the entire life of the lease. You won’t worry about rate fluctuations, seasonal influences, or unexpected high mileage fees from your vehicle. Our closed-end lease even offers an option so you won’t have to think about payments going up or concerns with what your responsibilities are at lease-end, because all you do is walk away. Or, if a vehicle’s residual value is still high, you have the option to buy it. The ball is in your court—always.

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