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Lifecycle Management

When was the last time you evaluated your fleet life-cycle practices? Could you be leaving money on the table because your fleet is no longer fully optimized for your business? Lease structures, fuel costs, maintenance schedules, and resale values should be scrutinized as markets change and your business evolves. It may make sense to run vehicles for a long time if you have the resources to manage maintenance and want to realize the most value for up-fits. Or, perhaps shorter lease structures and maximizing resale values are higher priorities. Bottom line -- the starting point for any client working with Merchants Fleet Management is knowing that we will determine the structure that best meets your operational needs and goals.

Optimizing Your Fleet Lifecycle

Check out our video on short term and long term fleet lifecycles. You’ll learn the pros and cons of short term and long term lifecycle management, and how these decisions can impact fuel efficiency, remarketing, and ownership costs.


When it comes to lifecycle management, Merchants has the vehicles and programs to meet your needs. To contact us today, click here, or call 1-866-6LEASES for your short-term leasing solution.

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